Vlasina – region of outstanding features

Vlasina lake is located on the territory of the municipality of Surdulica. It is surrounded by Gramada, Vardenik and Čemernik mountains at an altitude of 1.213m. Dum construction in 1950s formed the lake in an area of the former Vlasina mud.

The so called floating peat islands are formed when the water level is raised, thus
representing phenomenon of Vlasina lake. They are covered in peat moss, a product of moss decaying over centuries.

The water colour of the lake varies from greyish blue by the coast to dark blue in the
middle of the lake, with green coastal areas, which gives a special colouring to the Vlasina landscape.

History of Vlasina region features

Historical records describing Vlasina plateau, date back to XVIII century under the name of
Vlasina mud or peat moss of Vlasina, due to peat and mud accumulation caused by water flows. In that way, a marsh was created in a 20km long canyon, which was filled with live sand at certain places..

Vlasina Lake is bordered by a wavy plateau like a large green rug arrayed by meadows, pastures and forest that treasure diverse flora and fauna, whereas a mountain massif rises above the lake. At the massif slopes there are several settlements between which there are clear streams and small rivers with forest grown bays. Cemernik and Vardenik distinguish from mountains surrounding the lake.