Hardly anyone can resist the taste of these high quality products, obtained from pastures of untouched areas of Vlasina region. Enjoy freshness and irresistible taste of products prepared for you by “Family dairy Velickovic”.
Irresistible, refreshing milk in a cup full of vitamins will help you relax and save your energy all day long. Its rich assortment is for everyone, so whichever product you opt for you will not make a mistake.
Since the establishment of dairy, we collect milk exclusively from local farmers, who raise their cows in an ecologically healthy environment.

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  • Our products come from ecological environment – Vlasina
  • We learn from the best experts in the field of dairy and management from Canada, Bulgaria and Serbia
  • We are an export-oriented company
  • We have professional and experienced staff
  • We obtained HACCP I ISO 22000:2007 international certification
  • Our recipes are unique
  • Our milk contains no aflatoxin
  • We operate according to corporate social responsibility principles
  • Satisfaction of our customers is our priority
  • We are constantly developing and investing in production processes

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